Wireless level sensors for water & wastewater

Our Solution

Smartel's expertise is focused on wastewater and water level measurement, low power wireless alarm transmission and related IOT services.

Smartel's product range includes a variety of liquid level sensors. The device can be selected according to whether the alarm is to be sent locally or directly to the customer's own system.

We offer our customers our know-how, customized product development and production. We manufacture most of our wireless level indicators as private label products under our customers' own branding.

Customer benefits

  • Smartel products have lower power consumption and longer battery life than competing products.
  • Proprietary product development allows for customized solutions before mass production.
  • We manufacture products as white label products under the customer's brand.

Competitive Advantage

  • High competence in wireless alarm transmission with low power consumption
  • Extensive experience and reliable products
  • Integration with customer systems

Customer segment

  • Water industry


Smartel is part of the Vestelli Group, specialized in wastewater solutions, level sensors and related IOT services. Founded in 2000 Sipoo.


More than 70,000 wireless level switches delivered in the Nordic countries, including Xylem, Wavin, Uponor and Onninen.