Wireless level sensors for water & wastewater

Smartel products

Smartel specializes in liquid level measurement in HVAC environments. Our products are based on wireless alarm transmission, and their power consumption is always optimized to be as low as possible.

From our product range, you can find the right liquid level alarm solution regardless of the type of water and application conditions.

Our grease separator alarm, W-602, is the best choice for professional kitchens. With two sensors, the W-602 monitors both the accumulation of grease and the level of liquid in the space.

Smartel products are manufactured in our own production facilities in Sipoo, Finland.

For more information about our products, please inquire via the contact information at the bottom of the page.

Installation and user guide


Smartel Advantages

  • We are enthusiast to find the best solutions for our clients in the HVAC-sector.
  • Smartel-team has a long experience in developing products to challenging wastewater environments.
  • We manufacture all the products in our own factory in Sipoo, Finland.
  • Every product is tested in-person before they are sent to clients.

History of Smartel-products

Smartel started as an independent company in 2000 and has since developed and manufactured liquid level alarms for HVAC-sector.

Since 2022 Smartel has been a part of Vestelli Group, specialized in wastewater solutions, level sensors and other related IOT services.

Vestelli Group is a part of Auroora Yhtiöt Oyj. Auroora Yhtiöt Oyj is a Finnish serial acquirer. The company has a turnover of EUR 131 million and comprises of more than 20 SMEs employing around 800 people.